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Your 2-month-old: Watching And Listening

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Your 2-month-old: Watching and listening

Visitors are likely to remark how much baby has grown this month, and they're not just talking about size. By 2 months of age babies are much more alert and responsive to their environment than they were just a month earlier.

Most babies gain 1 to 2 pounds in their second month. Two-month old girls generally weigh between 8 (very small) and 12.5 (very large) pounds. Boys weigh between 8 ½ and 15 pounds.

By 2 months of age, a typical baby will:
  • Lift the head when at your shoulder.
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  • Turn the head from side to side when lying on the stomach.
  • Â

  • Lift and turn the head while lying on his back.
  • Â

  • Turn head toward bright colors, lights, or the sound of a human voice.
  • Â

  • Visually recognize a bottle or breast.
  • Â

  • Respond to the sound of a rattle or bell.
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  • Clearly see objects about 10 inches away.
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  • Enjoy looking at faces and hearing the sound of the human voice.
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  • Respond to rocking and changes of position.
Date last reviewed: October 2002.

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