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Presenting WeCare - Introducing new tools for better patient care

WeCare is a sophisticated electronic health record system that harnesses technology to put your health information at a provider’s fingertips so that you receive more personalized, accurate, and timely care. Virtually anywhere you go in Washington Hospital Healthcare System, your your providers can access your medical history, allergies, and current medications, giving them the information they need to provide you with the very best care.

Seamless connectivity

WeCare creates a single patient record that seamlessly connects your health records with each part of Washington Hospital Healthcare System that you encounter, making it much easier for all your care providers to work together as a team.

Less guesswork, more safeguards

Now wherever you go in the healthcare system, your most up-to-date health information will be available. This helps us make better health decisions on your behalf, and coordinate more closely with other caregivers. We can also significantly reduce the potential for harmful drug interactions.

Access and security

Patients and care providers alike now have unprecedented access to a patient’s vital information. We recognize this is important personal information, and WeCare provides robust, state-of-the-art security features to protect it.

One patient, one chart

With WeCare, all our doctors see the same file, and any up-dates to that file are instantly available to all your caregivers. This means that your doctors now have a much more comprehensive view of your health history, right at their fingertips.

A better choice for the environment

By going digital, we can finally eliminate the bulky paper files that fill up endless file cabinets and storage rooms. Every stack of files we reduce is another tree saved.

Questions about WeCare? Call Washington Hospital's Community Relations Department at (510) 791-3417.

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