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Breast Cancer Care Conference
Being newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer is a stressful scary moment. The Washington Women's Center in cooperation with your physician wishes to support you and your family during this stressful time by providing educational opportunities about your diagnosis. The Breast Cancer Care Conference is a learning opportunity for you and your family that compliments your regular doctor visits and treatments.

Comprehensive Breast Care
We provide the diagnostic tools to give your doctors the data they need to make a diagnosis. Then working as a "team," with your doctors, we give you the information, education and support you and your family need.

Free Breast Self Exam Instruction
Do you know how to check your breasts each month? Would you like to learn? Meet with our nurse educator and learn how to do Self Breast Exam. You will watch a short video and then practice with a breast model. By appointment only. Please allow 20 - 30 minutes.

Location: Washington Women's Center
1st Floor, Washington West Suite 150
2500 Mowry Avenue, Fremont, CA
Call (510) 608-1356 to reserve an appointment or email:

Breast Tumor Board
Our Breast Tumor Board provides your physicians a time to discuss your results from each specialty's expertise, thus offering you treatment options based on an interdisplinary approach. Specialty participation includes radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, primary physicians, gynecologists, and plastic surgeons.

Genetic Counseling, Testing and Risk Assessment
The Washington Cancer Genetics Program is a collaboration between Washington Hospital and UCSF Medical Medical Center. The program offers genetic counseling for individuals concerned with the risk of an inherited cancer predisposition. The clinic staff includes genetic counselors, medical oncologists, and registered nurses.

Surgical Services
No one wants to hear that they need breast surgery. For women who need a mastectomy or partial mastectomy, there are several options for what can be done to recreate shape in the modified area(s). Working together to deliver the latest surgical techniques our surgeons and plastic surgeons offer many surgical options for breast cancer surgery. Reconstructive surgery encompasses various procedures. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) suggests that you consult with a plastic surgeon before your mastectomy, even if reconstruction will be considered later on. The optimal time for this surgery is at the same time as your mastectomy. Your plastic surgeon is able to form a breast mound by using an implant or by using tissues from another part of the body. To learn more about these techniques.

Radiation Treatment
The Radiation Oncology Center (ROC) offers patients access to leading edge treatment planning and treatment delivery systems offering the latest advances in radiation therapy.

These resources allow the ROC to develop treatment plans based on 3 dimensional images of the tumor and surrounding tissue. A dose of radiation can then be prescribed and delivered with multidirectional beams that not only improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the treatment but also limit the dose and minimize injury to the surrounding tissues. Click on this link to learn more about the Radiation Oncology Center.

We offer many options to obtain the support you need as a woman when given the diagnosis of cancer.

Reach to Recovery Volunteers
Women who have experienced breast cancer visit, inform, and support new breast cancer patients. Talking with a Reach to Recovery volunteer, who has fully adjusted to her breast cancer surgery and treatment experience can offer comfort and give you an opportunity to express feelings, verbalize fears, concerns and ask questions from an impartial and objective person. These volunteers work closely with the Washington Women's Center Coordinator and have been specially trained by the American Cancer Society. We try to "match" you with a woman of similar age and diagnosis. There are many ways to access this support. You can ask any doctor on your team, the Women's Center Coordinator or contact the American Cancer Society. All referral information is private and confidential.

Our Breast Cancer Support Group
Is an informal group of women meeting to discuss living with breast cancer. Peer to peer support with periodic guest speakers covers the full range of information you may need.

Look Good Feel Better
Cancer treatments often cause changes in the condition of women's skin and hair. Our Look Good…Feel Better ® staff of cosmetologists work with you, one-on-one, to address the personal changes you are experiencing. Join us for this opportunity to receive free products and advice in a supportive and pampering environment. You can look good and feel better! Sponsored by the American Cancer Society; you must call (800) 227-2345 to reserve your space. Follow this link to the American Cancer Society website for more information.

Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Series
This series offers women and their families' straightforward facts about many topics related to breast cancer. Topics include Pre and Post Operative Care, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Nutritional Concerns, Stress Reduction, Spirituality, and the Art of Journaling. Each subject is offered on a rotational basis so a class is always available without lengthy waiting time. Call (510) 608-1356 to speak with the Women's Center Coordinator to obtain more information and schedules.

Bras for Body and Soul
A specialty shop for women, with bra sizes for every woman, sizes AA to N. Women of every size shape and circumstance can benefit from the shop's services, which cater to women who have undergone breast surgery, as well as those who are just seeking a comfortable fit. The shop provides swimsuits, prostheses, wigs, hats and scarves.

Personal fittings are available for your privacy and convenience. Breast health seminars are held to foster understanding among health professionals, women's groups and others about breast care, as well as the proper fitting of bras and prostheses.

To learn more, call 510-790-1911 or visit the HERS Breast Cancer Foundation web site at The shop is located at 2500 Mowry Avenue, Suite 130, Fremont, CA.

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