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If you would like to experience wellness massage in a warm and welcoming environment that promotes a sense of relaxation, the Washington Wellness Center has an affordable type of massage therapy just for you. Performed by licensed massage therapists, the Wellness Center offers a wide variety of massage styles to fit your individual preference. In addition, wellness massage services are offered for both men and women

In addition to feeling absolutely fantastic, massage can calm the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help to improve blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, which aids the immune system, and prevent and relieve muscle cramps and spasms. If you experience back pain or a stiff neck, massage can help in a lot of ways.


We offer the following massage services:

Swedish Massage relaxes body tensions using long, fluid strokes and a number of muscle kneading techniques. It improves circulation, reduces tension, and relieves sore muscles. 
$75 for 50 min. | $130 for 90 min.

Sports Massage helps athletes improve flexibility and speeds recovery time. 
$75 for 50 min.

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on connective tissues and works deep into the muscle to help ease and release long held patterns of muscular tension. 
$80 for 50 min.

Prenatal Massage helps alleviate back pain for expectant mothers, aids in circulation, and gives the mother rest and relief from the discomfort of pregnancy. 
$75 for 50 min.

Foot Reflexology is gentle, even foot massage which relaxes and reduces stress and tension. 
$75 for 50 min.

Therapeutic Massage integrates neuromuscular therapy, connective tissue and reflexology with Swedish strokes to help relax and restore balance to the body. 
$75 for 50 min.

Hot Stone Massage uses water-heated, smooth, flat stones that are placed on key points on the body. The massage therapist may also hold the stones and use them with warm oil to gently glide over muscles. Hot stone massage promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation, alleviates stress and releases toxins. It also relieves pain, improves circulation, and calms the psyche.  
$110 for 75 min.

Oncology Massage is a safe and effective and can help in managing pain, reducing nausea, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. The massage is performed by an oncology massage trained therapist.  
$75 for 50 min.

Rejuvenation Package restores your energy and balance by choosing any six 50 min. massage sessions from any of the $75 massages. Ask how you can upgrade to a Hot Stone Massage for just a few dollars more.
$400 for the entire package

Gift Certificates are available to treat a friend or loved one with the gift of relaxation. Purchasing gift certificates in advance can save you time when you need a thoughtful gift. 

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