Your Gamma Knife Treatment - What to Expect during Pre-Treatment

On the day of your procedure, the Gamma Knife nurse will accompany you to the nearby Gamma Knife suite. An intravenous line will be started and a local anesthetic injected to prepare for fitting the Gamma Knife head frame.

Fitting the head frame

To ensure effective planning and pinpoint accuracy of the Gama Knife radiation treatment, you will be fitted with a lightweight head frame that will remain in place for the entire procedure. The frame keeps you head stable during treatment.

Taking an image of the treatment area

With the head frame in place you will go next door to the Outpatient Imaging Department for an MRI, CT scan and/or angiography (depending on your diagnosis). These images are used to plan and map your individual treatment dosage. Although you may have had these imaging procedures before, they need to be repeated with the head frame on to define the location, size and shape of the treatment area as precisely as possible.

Planning the procedure

With information from the new images, the treatment team uses sophisticated computers to create a 3-dimensional image map of your brain and an individualized plan in preparation for your Gamma Knife treatment. Your family is welcome to wait with you, and you are free to read, listen to music, watch one of the big screen TVs or pass the time with any other item you have brought, if you lik

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