Interventional Radiology

Washington Hospital’s Interventional Radiology (IR) physicians offer many options for the least invasive treatments available and by providing multimodality state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic expertise.

IR physicians utilize innovative image guided techniques and ultramodern technology to treat diseases in all vascular and nonvascular systems. Today, many conditions that once required surgery can be treated less invasively with IR procedures. IR services and the IR clinic can offer patients the streamlined benefit of both expedited imaging evaluation and targeted image guided treatments with more convenience, less risk, less pain, and less recovery time than compared to surgical options. It is the cutting-edge medicine without the cutting.

Interventional radiologists are board-certified physicians with additional advanced training in a broad spectrum of minimally invasive procedures. Many IR treatments are now first-line care for a wide variety of conditions, offering both diagnostic and therapeutic options to consider.

Minimally invasive IR treatments include:

  • Arterial:
    Diagnostic Angiography
    - Angioplasty, atherectomy and stenting for peripheral arterial disease
    - Renovascular and mesenteric revascularizations
    - Aneurysms Bleeding (GI, pseudoaneurysm, GU, hemoptysis, epistaxis, trauma)
  • Venous:
    IVC filtration
    - Deep venous thrombosis treatment
    - Pulmonary emboli
    - Varicoceles and varicose veins
    - Venous occlusions, chronic and acute
    - Arteriovenous malformations
  • Oncology
    - Chemoembolization for primary and metastatic tumors in liver
    - Image guided ablation of tumors – bone, breast, kidney, liver, lung
    - Chest port insertion
    - Image guided biopsies
  • Spine and Pain management
    - Compression fractures – kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty
    - Epidural and facet injections
    - Neuromodulation trials
    - Image guided joint and tendon injections
  • Women’s health
    - Uterine Fibroids
    - Pelvic congestion syndrome
    - Varicose veins
    - Fallopian tube interventions 
  • Dialysis Access
    - Fistula interventions
    - Permcath placement and revisions
    - Venous occlusions
  • GI, GU, and Hepatobiliary Interventions
    - Biliary decompression and stenting
    - Hydronephrosis and ureteral disease
    - Enteric tube insertion and revision

For questions about Washington Hospital Interventional Radiology services, please call (510) 608-6185. 

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