Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes - The TLC Diet

The TLC diet is a heart-healthy, cardiac diet which is designed to help people who have heart disease, high cholesterol, high LDL cholesterol (also known as "bad" cholesterol), and also people who are at risk of heart disease. The TLC diet is also recommended for patients who have had a coronary artery bypass graft or angioplasty.

TLC Diet Guidelines

  • Limit total fat intake to no more than 25-35 percent of total daily calories
    • If you eat 2,000 calories per day, then your fat intake should be no more than 50-75 grams per day
  • Limit total calories from saturated fats to less than seven percent per day and avoid trans fats
    • Foods high in saturated fats include fatty meat, poultry skin, bacon, sausage, whole milk, cream, and butter
    • Trans fats are found in stick margarine, shortening, some fried foods, and packaged foods made with hydrogenated oils
  • Limit total cholesterol intake to no more than 200 milligrams per day
    • Foods high in cholesterol include egg yolks, fatty meat, cheese, shrimp, lobster, and crab
  • Limit sodium intake to 2400 milligrams per day
    • Do not salt your foods at the table; add very little when cooking
    • Read foods labels. In general, foods with more than 300mg per serving may not fit into your meal plan
  • Eat enough calories to achieve or maintain a healthy weight for you
    • Ask your physician or registered dietitian what is a reasonable calorie level for you

*The nutrition information provided on this page is not intended to substitute for nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian. The information is meant to serve as a general guideline, and may not meet the unique nutritional needs of individual patients.

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