Trying to Conceive

  • A range of factors can cause infertility - An infertility workup can take several months. It may involve an examination of semen and tests to determine if ovulation is occurring.

  • Consider the benefits, and drawbacks, to pregnancy after 35 - Women age 35 and older have more difficulty becoming pregnant and higher risks of miscarriage and birth defects. However, many older women have a good chance of healthy outcomes.

  • Counseling may help you cope with infertility - Couples and individuals dealing with infertility are wise to seek out counseling to help deal with the strong emotions that are associated with an inability to become pregnant.

  • Evaluating infertility in couples - Fertility problems affect millions of people. There are many causes and a variety of treatments.

  • Get tested for HIV - Not worried about HIV? The only sure way to know your status is to get tested. Women should know their HIV status before conceiving.

  • Have a chronic illness? Seek care before pregnancy - If you have a chronic illness, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, seeing your healthcare provider for treatment is vitally important.

  • How do you know if you're pregnant? - Signs of pregnancy reflect dramatic changes that occur in the growing fetus and placenta. Home pregnancy tests can confirm pregnancy as early as the first day of a missed menstrual period.

  • Myth surrounds subject of infertility - There are many myths about infertility that are wise to ignore.

  • Ready to conceive? Learn the signs of fertility - Charting body temperature and menstrual cycle and keeping track of changes in cervical mucus can help you predict when you are most fertile.

  • Your genes tell a story - Some health problems run in families. Some people have genes they may pass on that could affect the health of future children.

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