Parenting Tips

  • Baby your baby with a loving touch - Massage has been shown to have many benefits to babies. It increases bonding with loved ones and is relaxing.

  • Baby, Its cold outside or blistering hot. How do you dress? - Keeping your baby the right temperature is important for comfort and health.

  • Baby's crying may peak at month two, then lessen - Babies often cry because they have unmet needs.

  • Bonding with baby can take some time - Bonding between baby and Mom continually happens over a period of months. There is no need to feel deficient if you don't feel overly connected to the baby right away.

  • Bothered by thumb-sucking? Ignoring may be best strategy - If you are annoyed or worried about your baby or toddler sucking her thumb, relax. It usually is not a problem, though persistent thumb-sucking into the school-age years can cause dental and speech problems.

  • Cloth or disposable diapers: Which way to go? - Disposable diapers are convenient, while cloth diapers are, on balance, better for the environment.

  • Decorating the Nursery: Thoughtful touches, colors make nursery ready - Nurseries should be welcoming, interesting, safe places for baby. Creative parents have lots of choices around color and theme.

  • Discipline your baby with love - Distraction, rather than punishment, is the way to handle baby behaviors you want to discourage.

  • Education, confidence can help first-timers - Your attitude and preparedness will help ease your anxiety and allow you to better participate and enjoy the birth of your first child.

  • Face it: You're in the midst of a huge adjustment right about now - If you're not back at work yet, you're doing something you may never have done before: stayed home for more than a couple of days at a time.

  • Find your work-home balance with career creativity - If you think your only options are full-time, 9-to-5 work or no work at all, think again. Women around the world are remaking the workplace to fit both their employer's and their family's needs, and you can, too.

  • Get Smart: Start reading early to foster love of books - It's (almost) never too early to begin reading to your child. Between the ages of three months and three years is the time to establish reading as a lifelong habit.

  • Helping your newborn to learn and grow - Talk, sing, physically interact, play and read to your baby to foster mental and physical development.

  • Is a "family bed" right for you? - Whether to let your children sleep in bed with you is a hot topic today.

  • Let's face it: Babies look funny after birth - Newborn babies are beautiful despite wrinkles, redness, strange-shaped heads and a host of other temporary problems that are common to newborns.

  • Reaching out can benefit you and your child - Mothering an infant is intense, satisfying work. But you may find yourself feeling isolated and lacking adult conversation.

  • Rituals provide a sense of identity, shared memories - Family rituals are important to your child. They need not be elaborate. They may simply be events that are repeated through the years that you and your child enjoy together.

  • Slowly resume romance after the baby - It may be hard to even think about sex, let alone desire it, after your baby is first born. It's best to wait four to six weeks before resuming sex, and 12 months before becoming pregnant again.

  • There are many ways to welcome baby - There are many ways to introduce your child to his or her community. If you have no religious affiliation, you may want to plan a welcome party.

  • Those first minutes and days are for bonding - Expect your baby to have a physical exam and some routine procedures right after birth. Your feelings may be extreme and vary quickly in the first days.

  • Tips for surviving the first six weeks - Although your life will never be exactly the way it was before the baby's birth, it will become normal again. What helps: Letting the housework go, staying in touch with friends and getting out of the house.

  • Traveling with baby doesn't have to be turbulent - When traveling with baby, don't forget the car seat, and do remember the stroller. Be sure you have food, bottles, diapers, wipes and toys wherever you go.

  • Want to travel? You can, under certain conditions - Globetrotting, or at least a vacation away from home, may be perfectly reasonable during pregnancy, depending on several factors.

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