• Financial planning is part of pregnancy preparation - When planning your pregnancy, figure out how much you are currently spending and if you can get by on less.

  • Get Smart: Are education IRAs a wise choice? - What you hear about options for funding your child's college education can be so confusing. You may have heard of education IRAs, for example.

  • Get Smart: Buy your car before baby comes home - It's become a cliché, but when baby comes home from the hospital, you're going to want a safe, sturdy car with plenty of room for a car seat in the back seat.

  • Get Smart: Could yours be a trust fund baby? - Trust funds: They're strictly for the rich and famous, those with old family money, right? Not necessarily.

  • Get Smart: Financial preparedness will pay off - Odd as it sounds, the key to not worrying about finances, especially college savings, is to begin saving now.

  • Get Smart: Health record keeping now can help you later - Maintaining a personal health record at home is one of the best ways to be sure you have access to information from your health care provider, as well as keep track of your own health.

  • Get Smart: States rescue parents with college funding plans - Nearly three out of four parents are now saving for their children's college education.

  • How to get your baby's Social Security number - You'll need to know the Social Security numbers of both baby's mother and father to apply for baby's Social Security number and card.

  • How to save money on maternity clothes - In normal circumstances, would you buy an expensive sweater if you knew you would only wear it for nine months? Probably not.

  • Take a close look at your health insurance plan - Health plans vary widely in cost and in conditions covered.

  • The frugal shopper: Ten tips for saving at the grocery store - The supermarket tends to be the "black hole" in many a family budget. But with patience and planning, there are ways to limit what you spend at the supermarket.

  • Thrifty families have fun, too - Having children doesn't mean you won't have fun anymore, but your definition of fun will change.

  • To buy or not to buy: Keeping purchases in check - As if caring for a new baby 24 hours a day wasn't stressful enough, many couples experience financial stress at this time as well.


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