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  • Birth Day: What's your role as a new dad? - Today fathers may be actively involved in every step of pregnancy and birth, from the home pregnancy test to the cutting of the umbilical cord.

  • Hey, Dad: Forming family bonds - No doubt you've heard about new parents "bonding" with their baby. But exactly what does that mean?

  • Hey, Dad: It's called the baby blues - Nearly every new mom has moments of sadness, and some women experience these emotions more frequently and stronger than others. Postpartum sadness is an absolutely natural part of birth.

  • Hey, Dad: Mixed feelings about the pregnancy? You're not alone. - Less than a year from now you will be the father of a brand-new baby. You may have a range of emotional responses: thrilled, angry, protective, petrified, or confused.

  • Hey, Dad: On the road again…with baby - When it comes to long car rides with baby, we have a few simple words of advice: Be prepared, and stay flexible. Oh, and one more thing: Baby rules.

  • Hey, Dad: Picturing yourself as a father - "What kind of father will I be?" It's a question every expectant father asks himself. In fact, a better question might be, "What kind of father do I want to be?"

  • Hey, Dad: Sex: Will she still want it? Will I? - Did you know that some women's sexual desire really increases during pregnancy? It's true.

  • Hey, Dad: Take part in the pregnancy - Sometimes she seems to be in a world of her own, chatting about the pregnancy with her friends, enjoying the anticipation (and sometimes moaning with morning sickness). So where do you fit in?

  • Hey, Dad: Taking care of business before the big day - For many men, the whole pregnancy and birth thing doesn't get real until they're looking in their new baby's eyes.

  • Hey, Dad: Updating the traditional birth announcement - How do you notify all your friends and family that the blessed event has finally occurred?

  • Hey, Dad: Yes, you can help breastfeed - No, we're not talking about a scientific breakthrough here. Breastfeeding is still something Mom, and Mom alone, can do with baby.

  • Prenatal visits and childbirth classes: Not just for Mom - Why take time out of your busy schedule to accompany your partner to her prenatal visits with the doctor or midwife? Three good reasons ...

  • Preparation smoothes the way for siblings - To make the transition as smooth as possible for the whole family, carefully prepare your older child or children for the new baby's birth.

  • Sharing your pregnancy with your partner - From dinnertime to prenatal visits, couples have many opportunities to share the changes, choices, and sense of anticipation that come with pregnancy.

  • Sibling Preparation Classes - Sibling preparation classes and tours for children ages three and up are available at many hospitals and birthing centers.

  • Single? Don't go through birth alone - Pregnancy is a road very few women choose to travel alone. Surrounding yourself with caring and loving people who play an active role in your life can help provide an enriching "family" experience for you and your child.

  • Tips to foster good grandparent relations - Because a grandparent can be a truly special person to a child, it's important to foster that relationship when possible.

  • Why grandparents matter to your child - If you had a special relationship with a grandparent, then you know how important this can be. If not, then you may feel you missed out on something you'd like your own children to have.

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