• Aerobics, cycling, and swimming: Oh, my! Exercise options in pregnancy - What is the best form of exercise for a pregnant woman? Most will agree that a program of cardiovascular exercise is the first priority.

  • Baby: Your new exercise partner - If you haven't already figured it out, life is easier with a newborn when you learn, within reason, to continue with life as usual and simply bring baby along.

  • Bodybuilding during pregnancy? It can be done - Well, strength training is what we're really talking about.

  • Exercise? But I haven't a thing to wear! - It can be hard enough to motivate yourself to exercise during pregnancy, especially when your favorite workout gear starts getting tighter and tighter.

  • Get fit before you get pregnant - Getting enough exercise is important for your stamina and overall health. Being either overweight or underweight can cause problems in pregnancy.

  • Getting back in shape: How-to's for new moms - Ready to shape back up? Remember to take it slowly, starting with easier exercises and working up as your stamina and strength grow.

  • Is exercise safe during pregnancy? - Perhaps the question should be, is it safe to not exercise? The benefits of staying fit at this time in your life are many.

  • Kegels are Key to Bladder Control - Doing Kegel exercises for five minutes a day can prevent urine leaks and keep your perineum in better shape before and after childbirth. These exercises, which are easy to do and can be done anywhere, can even enhance your sex life.

  • Planning your exercise routine: What's different about pregnancy? - With pregnancy comes changes in your exercise routine.

  • Staying active in the home stretch - Exercise continues to benefit mother and baby right up until birth, and there's no need to drop your workout now.

  • Toning where you need it most: Back, abs and pelvic floor - Work out the muscles you'll be depending upon to get through the pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood feeling your best.

  • Walking: An ideal exercise for many expectant moms - Doctors can't say enough good things about walking, and that's especially true during pregnancy.

  • Your body will recover: Here's how - Bleeding, hair loss, mood swings and fatigue are normal after pregnancy, but they eventually subside.

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