• Are you emotionally ready for a baby? - If you're uncertain about having children or adding another child to your family, there are some questions you can ask yourself and things you can do to clarify your feelings or prepare yourself for a growing family.

  • Be alert for baby blues, depression - Almost every woman experiences the baby blues in the first weeks after birth. A few women have depression that deepens into an incapacitating problem.

  • Don't let stress drag you down - Stress is the bane of many working women's lives. Even if you enjoy your work, have a supportive family and are enjoying a trouble-free pregnancy, the sheer number of things you may be expected to do in a day can make low-level stress a constant companion.

  • Don't let worry spoil your pregnancy - It's normal for pregnant women to be worried. Having a baby is a big moment in life. It looms so large that if you're not careful, you can worry away the nine months instead of enjoying your pregnancy.

  • Dressing for success while you're pregnant - Is yours a jeans-and-work-shirt kind of job, or is a tailored suit more your style?

  • Emotional You: Dreams - Many pregnant women enter a strange wonderland at night in their dreams. After all, pregnancy is a huge event in a woman's life.

  • Emotional You: Therein lies the rub: What massage can do for you - Short of hopping a plane to Hawaii for a week in the sun, a prenatal massage may be the answer to reducing stress and getting some much-needed relaxation. What exactly is prenatal massage?

  • Journal-keeping feeds creativity - Pregnancy can be one of the most creative times of a woman's life and a great time to keep a journal.

  • Mood swings? They are common. - You may find yourself weeping when your favorite major league slugger bats one out of the park - or giggling uncontrollably over something nobody else finds that funny.

  • Understanding and coping with early pregnancy loss - Pregnancy loss (miscarriage) in the first trimester is not uncommon. Watch for signs of trouble, such as spotting, bleeding and cramping, so that you can get help quickly if necessary.

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