Baby Development

  • Babies on the go: Count those kicks - Fetal movement counts can help reassure you that your baby is doing well. There are a number of methods to keep track of your baby's movements.

  • Your 1-month-old: Stretching out - Has your baby already outgrown her "newborn-size" clothing? She's not alone.

  • Your 2-month-old: Watching and listening - Visitors are likely to remark how much baby has grown this month, and they're not just talking about size.

  • Your 3-month-old: Alive and kicking - Your increasingly sophisticated baby is finding more ways to respond to her environment besides crying; you might even hear her first laugh!

  • Your Growing Baby: Month Eight - Bulking up and moving into position - Baby is really putting on the pounds now, gaining about a half-pound per week. He's so big that it's hard for him to move around, though he can still pack a wallop with that kick.

  • Your Growing Baby: Month Five - Rocking and rolling - You're probably feeling plenty of movement by now; enough to keep you awake at times. The fetus can turn from side to side or even head over heels.

  • Your Growing Baby: Month Four - The body starts to catch up - Toward the end of this month you may experience the thrill of your first kick-though you may not recognize it as such.

  • Your Growing Baby: Month Nine - All systems go - Though your baby isn't officially due until 40 weeks of pregnancy, she's considered "full term" after the 38th week. Your baby would have every chance of surviving even if she were born early this month.

  • Your Growing Baby: Month One - Like a tiny tadpole - You're a month into your pregnancy; why don't you look pregnant yet? Because your "baby" is barely an embryo at this point.

  • Your Growing Baby: Month Seven - Almost a baby - Your fetus is acting more like a baby every day. She can suck her thumb, cry, and even hiccup (or did you notice that already?). Her body is well formed.

  • Your Growing Baby: Month Six - Looking and listening - Your baby continues to grow rapidly this month, and the organs continue to mature. Though the fetus has started breathing motions, the lungs are filled with amniotic fluid and are not yet fully developed or ready to breathe on their own.

  • Your Growing Baby: Month Three - A miniature human being - The end of month three signals the end of the first trimester, when many mothers sigh with relief: the odds of miscarriage drop considerably at this point.

  • Your Growing Baby: Month Two - All the parts are in place - A tremendous transformation takes place in your growing baby, still called an embryo, in the second month. All the major organs have begun to form by the end of the second month.

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