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How Healthy Are Your Lungs?

January 21, 2014

 Learn How to Stay Healthy This Winter and Beyond

Lungs are critical to our breathing, yet many people are unaware of the many risks they take with these vital organs. Smoking and exposure to harmful chemicals or illnesses can compromise the health of lungs, with the possibility of long-term or debilitating conditions such as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and even lung cancer.

Dr. Jason Chu, a pulmonologist at Washington Hospital, will address some of the many ways that people can take care of their lungs and avoid lung disease at an upcoming Health and Wellness seminar at Washington Hospital on Tuesday, January 28.

Dr. Chu will review the various kinds of lung disease, update attendees on recent updates in lung care and provide expert advice for keeping healthy during the current season of colds and infections, including particularly flu and pneumonia.

Staying Healthy in Flu Season

"It’s important to stay as healthy as possible," asserts Dr. Chu. "People are not immune, particularly in this season. Air quality is sometimes bad, and there are many people already infected with other illnesses, making it challenging to stay healthy."

What You Can Do Right Now to Avoid Getting Sick

· Use common sense. Make sure you’ve had a flu shot; if you haven’t had one this season, get it now. Consider getting a vaccine against pneumonia; these are recommended and should be renewed every six years.

· Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Using soap and hot water, wash hands thoroughly for 30 seconds, being sure to scrub not only the palm but between the fingers and the back of the handing. Use hand sanitizers at home and in public places. Keep them in your desk and your car. "It’s a basic precaution but very necessary," he says.

· Follow a healthy diet with proper nutrition and lots of fluids. Get plenty of rest and exercise to stimulate the body’s health.

· It’s easy to pick up infections and illnesses while traveling or even at the office, school or shopping areas. Follow the above practices no matter where you are.