How to Get Started

Patients need an activation code, which is generated by the physician’s office, in order to create an account. Your physician’s office will help facilitate the process by generating an activation letter for you during your visit or upon request. This activation letter contains a MyChart Activation code and instructions on how to log into the MyChart website.  You will then be able to create a MyChart account. (Please note you may not access your own chart to generate the code.) 

Washington MyChart conforms to all HIPAA rules and policies, and is completely safe and secure. 

MyChart is currently offered at any ambulatory physician office practice that uses WeCare. Those practices include any in the Washington Township Medical Foundation (WTMF), plus Ohlone Student Health Center, Washington on Wheels, Washington Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Washington Radiation Oncology Center, and Washington Urgent Care. MyChart is also available at any WeConnect physician office practice.

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