Prenatal & Parenting Classes

If you are pregnant, nursing or just looking for an informative fun class to sharpen your skills as a parent, Washington Hospital’s Maternal Child Education Center has the resources to fit your needs. We offer prenatal and postpartum exercise classes for new and expecting moms, breastfeeding support and childbirth education for first time moms and dads.

All of our classes take place at 3569 Beacon Avenue in Fremont.

Class dates are subject to change. for a current list, click here or call (510) 818-5040 for complete times, dates, fees and additional info.

Birthing Center Tour
Scheduled about a month before the due date, this tour introduces expectant parents delivering at Washington Hospital to our Birthing Center. Family members are welcome, but please, only children 3 years and older. Registration is required. Free.

Childbirth Classes

Prepared Childbirth
Intended for couples in the last trimester of pregnancy and offering detailed information about many labor preparation topics. Subjects include: signs and symptoms of labor, stages of labor, childbirth techniques, relaxation and breathing, the coach’s role, variations in labor, analgesics and anesthetics, cesarean birth, and postpartum recovery tips.

  • Prepared Childbirth/Refresher Class
    For the mother and coach who have taken Prepared Child-birth classes within the last three to five years. Information about sibling adjustment is also included. Fee: $75
  • Prepared Childbirth/Comprehensive Class
    Once a week for five weeks, each class is 2½ hours in duration. The basics of breastfeeding will be covered in this class. Fee: $150
  • Comprehensive Package
    Sign up for Becoming New Parents along with the Comprehensive class listed above and receive a $25 savings! Fee: $175
  • Prepared Childbirth/Intensive Class
    Two all-day Sunday sessions that also include the basics
    of breastfeeding. Fee: $150
  • New Parents Package
    Sign up for Becoming New Parents along with the Intensive class listed above and receive a $25 savings!
    Fee: $175

Breastfeeding Support

Washington Maternal Child Education Center
At our Center, we also rent and sell breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories.
Hours: Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
(Closed Saturdays and Sundays.)
Location: 3569 Beacon Avenue, Fremont
Call: (510) 818-5040

Our lactation consultants offer support to breastfeeding and back-to-work moms with low cost private visits and classes. Our center features lactation support and breastfeeding products, including a breast pump rental center — all in one convenient location.

Back to Work Breastfeeding
A one-hour class offering an individualized approach to maintaining milk supply and breastfeeding while returning to work. Fee: $45
When: By appointment

Prenatal Breastfeeding
Learn the basics for successful breastfeeding in this one time, ½-hour class. Fee: $40

Parenting Classes

Becoming New Parents
Want to feel more confident when taking your new baby home? This one-time, three-hour workshop offers sensible tips, demonstrations, and information on caring for your infant in those first important months. Fee: $50

Big Brother/Big Sister
Help siblings 3 years or older prepare for the arrival of their new baby. Through fun activities, a story, and games, we explore what it’s like to have a new brother or sister. An adult family member must accompany the child. Fee: $30

CPR for Family and Friends
This is an American Heart Association course teaching adults rescue breathing (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and how to relieve choking of infants and children. Non-certified.
Fee: $30

Sign, Say and Play
Did you know that babies can learn to communicate by signing before they can talk? Through stimulating activities, songs, and play, you and your 6- to 12-month-old infant will learn six to seven signs each week. A six-week series based on Baby Signs Inc. Each family will receive a kit that contains books, a CD, and a DVD to help incorporate signing into your daily life. Fee: $165

Infant Massage
Our hands-on method insures that you will learn the art of interactive massage to suit your baby’s schedule, needs, and developmental level. Infant massage can relieve stress for you and your baby, deepen bonding, contribute to baby’s development, help baby sleep better, and enhance your ability to understand your baby’s needs. This four-week class is designed for you with your baby, from birth to pre-crawling. Fee: $75

Prenatal Smart Start
This is the class to sign up for when you first find out you are pregnant! It’s a class offering lively discussion, informational take-home packets, and a question and answer period for women and their support person in their first trimester of pregnancy. Subjects covered include: how pregnancy affects your body, healthy nutrition during pregnancy, exercises to help prepare your body for labor, common discomforts and remedies for those discomforts compared with danger signs that would indicate alerting your obstetrician. Free.

Mastering Multiples
Expecting twins or more? With this two-hour class we’ll help you master multiples from delivery to breastfeeding (designed to be taken in addition to a Prepared Childbirth Class). Call for an appointment. Fee: $50

Sibling Preparation
If you choose to have your children attend the birth of their sibling, this private one-hour class provides an excellent orientation. Call for an appointment. Fee: $40 per family

Prenatal Exercise
An exercise program developed especially for pregnant women using stretching, low impact cardio exercise, mild resistive exercise, yoga and relaxation to promote flexibility and strength, and improve posture and balance. Fee: $60 for 6 sessions or $110 for 12 sessions.

Prenatal Yoga
Developed especially for pregnant women to promote flexibility, strength, improved posture and balance. Fee: $60 for 6 sessions or $110 for 12 sessions.

Postpartum Yoga
This is the perfect way to return to fitness and relieve the stress of motherhood. Fee: $60/6 sessions or $110/12 sessions

Baby ‘n’ Me Support Group
Discussing the joys and trials of living with your new baby in this relaxed support group is an excellent way to enhance your transition into parenthood. Come as you are, as often as you like (for moms and babies from birth to 8 months). Free.

When: Classes held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,
Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: 3569 Beacon Avenue, Fremont 

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