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At Washington Hospital, we never lose sight of our Mission as a leader in improving and maintaining the health of people in our community. In this complex and ever-changing world, we strive to deliver the highest levels of quality and safety, while constantly finding more ways to improve — all of this with an eye to the future.  

For these reasons, we have continued our journey of transformation known as Lean. Now into its second year, this organization-wide commitment is not just the latest fad in quality improvement. It is a long-term discipline that improves care while controlling costs. Through Lean, we stay focused on what is of highest value to our patients. It is an essential element to the ongoing success of Washington Hospital Healthcare System. (For more about Lean, click here and go to page 25 of our Annual Report.)  

This year, we launched an innovative software-based program called the Pieces™ All-Cause Readmission Reduction Solution, giving our doctors and nurses more information and evidence-based support in planning patient care. The primary goal is to reduce readmissions of patients who are at higher risk of returning to the Hospital after discharge — such as those with congestive heart failure. WeCare, our powerful electronic medical record system, is key to the effectiveness of this tool to improve quality care.  

I am happy to report that due to our focused efforts, including a reduction in expenses of more than 10 percent, our Hospital is now operating in the black. Maintaining this financial position into the future will require careful fiscal practices to stay on top of many financial challenges. They include rising operational costs, change associated with Affordable Care Act requirements, and reductions in Medicare and Medi-Cal reimbursement.  

None of these improvements, as well as many other initiatives contributing to higher quality patient care and safety, would be possible without the talents and dedication of the entire Washington Hospital staff, our doctors and volunteers. Every day, as they go about their work, each of these individuals is guided by our Patient First Ethic. It is what unifies us in our never-ending pursuit of ways to support and sustain the good health of the community.

Nancy Farber, CEO
Washington Hospital Healthcare System

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