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Independent Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

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Independent Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

The Independent Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee is appointed by the Washington Township Health Care District Board of Directors and oversees the disbursement of the Measure FF bond proceeds and reports annually on the expenditure of the funds.

Click here to download the 2008 Measure FF Annual Report

2007 Measure FF Annual Report

The oversight committee includes: Jack W. Balch, owner of Balch Enterprises; Al Huezo, Newark City Council Member and former City of Newark City Manager; Kevin Hom, Lead Pastor of Fremont Community Church and President of Fremont Community Church School; John Low, Global Chief Financial Officer for Plasticon Industries, former Washington Foundation Board member , past president of the Newark Chamber of Commerce and Newark Rotary; Garrett Yee, Manager, Rating and Statistical Department of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau, Ohlone Community College Trustee and Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Oversight Committee Meetings
The Independent Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee meets on a quarterly basis. The meetings are held in the Anderson Auditoriums, 2500 Mowry Ave., in Fremont, which is located on the first floor of Washington West. Meeting Notices and Agendas are posted below:

2012 Notices and Agendas
Notices          Agendas
11.08.12      11.08.12

2011 Notices and Agendas
Notices          Agendas
10.05.11      10.05.11

2010 Notices and Agendas
Notices        Agendas
10.21.10     10.21.10
04.07.10     04.07.10
02.03.10     02.03.10

2009 Notices and Agendas
Notices       Agendas     
10.07.09    10.07.09    
07.29.09    07.29.09    
04.01.09    04.01.09    
02.18.09    02.18.09    

2008 Notices  and Agendas

10.01.08 10.01.08
06.24.08 06.24.08
02.20.08 02.20.08
11.07.07 11.07.07
08.16.07 08.16.07
03.27.07 03.27.07