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Ohlone-Washington Joint Powers Authority Board

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Ohlone-Washington Joint Powers Authority Board

In January, 2003, the Board of Directors of Washington Township Health Care District authorized the Chief Executive Officer to enter into a Joint Authority Agreement with Ohlone College. The purpose of the Joint Authority is to govern the administration of a grant from Washington Township Health Care District in the amount of $300,000 per year for a period of five years, for the express purpose of expansion of the Ohlone Nursing Program.

It is the responsibility of this Joint Authority Board to monitor the development and use of the Richard M. Warren Nursing Skills Lab at Washington West, monitor and report on the application of monies to the expansion of the Nursing Program, and finally, to oversee the utilization of the Clinical Resource Nurses as supplemental faculty.

Ohlone-Washington Joint Powers Authority Board Meetings
The Joint Powers Authority Board meets on a quarterly basis. All meetings will be held at 7:30 a.m. at Washington Hospital, 2000 Mowry Ave., in the Executive Board Room which is located in the administrative offices on the first floor of the Hospital.

The meeting schedule for 2010 is as follows:

2010 Meeting Notices
02.03.10 OWJPA Meeting Notice (Canceled)

2009 Meeting Notices                                                2009 Meeting Agendas  

12.09.09 OWJPA Meeting Notice (Canceled)
11.04.09 OWJPA Meeting Notice (Canceled)      11.04.09 OWJPA Meeting Agenda
09.16.09 OWJPA Meeting Notice                          09.16.09 OWJPA Meeting Agenda
05.06.09 OWJPA Meeting Notice (Canceled)      05.04.09 OWJPA Meeting Agenda
02.04.09 OWJPA Meeting Notice                          02.04.09 OWJPA Meeting Agenda



2008 Meeting Notices  2008 Meeting Agendas
11.05.08 OWJPA Meeting Notice 11.05.08 OWJPA Meeting Agenda
09.17.08 OWJPA Meeting Notice 09.17.08 OWJPA Meeting Agenda
05.07.08 OWJPA Meeting Notice 05.07.08 OWJPA Meeting Agenda
02.06.08 OWJPA Meeting Notice 02.06.08 OWJPA Meeting Agenda