Washington Cancer Genetics Program


Washington Cancer Genetics Program
An affiliate of UCSF Medical Center

Are you concerned about a strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer?
Private consultations for genetic counseling and risk assessment are available with a physician referral. 

What cancers can we genetically screen? 
We can genetically test for a predisposition to a wide range of cancers. To determine if you are in a group for which genetic testing is recommended, please visit our website at whhs.com/cancergenetics. 

Some of the cancers for which we perform genetic tests include: 

• Breast and ovarian cancer 
• Colorectal cancer 
• Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer 
• Endocrine cancer 
• Sarcoma 
• Adrenal cancer
• Early-age (under 50) brain cancer 
• Medullary thyroid cancer 
• Paraganglioma or pheochromocytoma

How can I find out more about genetic counseling and genetic testing? 
We offer an information class which includes the following topics: 

• Am I a candidate for genetic testing? Understanding your risk 
• What genetic testing will tell you and implications for your family 
• The role of the genetic counselor and medical oncologist
• The role of obtaining a three-generation family history 
• Program costs and insurance authorization 

Risk Assessment 
If you decide to participate in our program, a comprehensive risk assessment will be completed. This includes obtaining a complete personal and family medical history for an assessment of cancer risk and possible predisposition for carrying a cancer gene. 

Genetic Counseling 
As part of the program you will meet with our specially trained genetic counselors that will provide the following:             
• Education regarding genetic susceptibility, risk assessment and genetic testing 
• Non-directive assistance with decision making 
• Support in identifying and coping with the psychological and social concerns related to an increased cancer risk
• Discussion of the familial implications of hereditary cancers 

Genetic Testing and Results 
If genetic testing is pursued, you will discuss the results and recommended risk management strategies with the trained medical oncologist. Additionally, your primary physician will receive a consultation report which includes your results and the options that were discussed. Finally, genetic risks for other family members can be discussed and participation in research studies may be offered. 

Risk Reduction 
The medical oncologist will work with you and your primary physician to recommend tailored risk management strategies, preventive measures, screening tests, and procedures. Options may include increased surveillance, medications, or surgery. If appropriate, participation in research protocols and clinical trials will be offered. 

The Washington Cancer Genetics Program is a collaboration between UCSF Medical Center and Washington Hospital Healthcare System. This relationship allows us to offer our community the latest research protocols while exploring the molecular and genetic basis of cancer susceptibility, new methods for early detection and prevention of cancer, and determining cancer risk in different ethnic groups. The Program offers genetic counseling for individuals concerned with the risk of an inherited cancer predisposition. The clinic's staff includes genetic counselors, medical oncologists, and registered nurses. 

Washington Cancer Genetics Program
Washington Women’s and Imaging Center  
2500 Mowry Avenue, Suite 150  
Fremont, CA 94538 

For more information call the Washington Women’s Center Coordinator at (510) 608-1356 Free parking and adjacent to Fremont BART Costs for genetic counseling and testing will vary with the complexity of the case. Check your insurance policy guidelines for coverage. 


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